Book an exciting escape along the Garden Route

Posted on Tue May 14, 2019.

Everyone loves and deserves a good adventure when the humdrum routine of city life starts to wear you down. And an exciting escape along the Garden Route could be just what the doctor ordered

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3 lekker places to go this summer

Posted on Mon November 26, 2018.

If you break away from the coast and head into the Karoo, you simply must take the opportunity to visit the majestic Cango Caves outside Oudtshoorn

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5 Must-See Adventures When Touring in South Africa

Posted on Tue April 24, 2018.

South African tours are a convenient and popular option for tourists planning their visit to this beautiful country. With nine different provinces, there is a lot to see. However, there are a few spots and adventures that – if you are planning to do a tour in South Africa – you just cannot miss!

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